Who IS Dogfish?

Dogfish Enterprises discovered its roots out of service, plain and simple.

Working in the retail world, we understood the nature of timely and worthwhile service.

When a service provider says they will do something, you expect them to, right? Absolutely.  That is where we start.  We believe that being honest and showing integrity is KEY in helping you. 

You can hold us accountable to our dealings with you. We have trained ourselves to listen to our clients.

You do not need another outsider coming into your company and telling you how to run your business.  What we can do is simply make suggestions on streamlining workflow, pushing more business to you and marketing strategies.

We would love to help you.

-The Dogfish Team-

It's About The Relationship

What sets us apart?  What makes us different from thousands of other website or database companies?

Honestly, we have had some great real-world experience. We have worked in the retail world, the service sector and for non-profits.

But the other thing is we understand it can be difficult to get to know someone well enough to let them understand ALL of your business.
It's kind of like that awkward first date wouldn't you say?

We understand that you need the person working with you to "get how you do business". In essence, you are starting a new relationship.


That is one of the first things that we like to do with our new clients. If we can't get to know you and your business and how you do things, then how in the world would we set up a website, or a database, or some integration for you?  That makes no sense.


We like to establish a relationship with you and understand your needs.  We don't simply want to sell you something, we want to help you.

It's kind of like a first date isn't it?

What People Say About Us

James Coolidge

Teen Challenge Canada

Database Design & Management

I have been very pleased with Dogfish Enterprises’ work on our database development.  Dogfish Enterprises has worked with us from the base development through to the deployment of two databases and we are currently in development of our third database.


Dogfish  has been able to articulate our needs and implement them into a database that not only works efficiently, but also has saved us money by eliminating the need for immediate expansion in our human resources.  I am very impressed with the professionalism and quality of work of Dogfish Enterprises and would recommend them to anyone who is serious about creating proactive solutions for their company.

Jude St. John

Toronto Argonauts

Website Design

I cannot express adequately how pleased I am with my website.  The creativity and flexibility demonstrated by Dogfish was pivotal in producing a website that I believe is both personal and professional.


I realize how unorthodox my requests were, but with the guidance and expertise of Dogfish my expectations were resoundingly surpassed!!  I have at my disposal a website that is fun and exciting to visitors and functional for me and my business.


A big THANK YOU to Dogfish for being great TEAMMATES in this endeavour. This site is a touchdown for the home team!


Comfort Medical Services

Database Design & Management & Website Integration

Just wanted to let you know our database software and website are excellent!  We have had no problems with it at all. Most of our medical services requestors are using our website for on-line ordering and are very pleased getting weekly status reports.


Dogfish Enterprises has saved us time and resources in the running of our office. Again, thanks for all your help.


A big THANK YOU to Dogfish for being great TEAMMATES in this endeavour. This site is a touchdown for the home team!


A big THANK YOU to Dogfish for being great TEAMMATES in this endeavour. This site is a touchdown for the home team!

Susan Gowan

Website Design

I have worked with Don on a number of websites - both for business and for not for profit organizations. He asks good questions to understand the needs of his clients to discover more about the purpose and vision for their website.


He listens well...instead of just promoting a one size fits all approach, he tries to see what the business or organization may have in theirs heads in terms of both content and look - becomes a member of a team working towards a common goal.


He always offers well thought out, practical suggestions to keep the process moving forward when roadblocks are encountered. His responses to requests are timely and reasonable....especially appreciate that he tries to think ahead proactively for the client and identify potential deadlines and planning time crunches. Offers good patient training followup as needed. A delight to work with!

Wayne Watson


Database Design & Management & Website Integration

Just a note Don to say thank you once again for your recent proposal regarding our communication needs. As with the POS development, the data base development, and the web development you have pared away the fringe elements and refocused us on our current functional needs.


As in the past your understanding of the vision and our challenges will lead us to a more efficient and functional product.  As in the past I am confident that your timely and prompt response to our ongoing concerns and issues will again prove the integrity of your business principles. We look forward to your input as we develop this phase of our business.


Thanks once again Don

Michael Cara

Caravest Private Equity Group

Website Design

You are a genius !!!

Exactly what I asked !!!


Love you champ, and I love your work!!!


You can quote me on that!