DOGFISH, help us with our data!

We hear it all the time.
"Dogfish, our business runs off 42 excel spreadsheets and they keep on crashing!"

"We have problems finding what we need in all the data we store"

Good news!  Dogfish Enterpises is here to help.


Most businesses have a database or two kicking around....

Whether they are in the mysql, access, SQL, Excel even!  We can help you.

It is difficult sometimes to make sense of all the data you have.
Sometimes it is even more difficult to collect the data you want.

Contact us today.  We would love to help you strategize on how best to use your data to move your business ahead!

- Collect your DATA -

What data are you trying to collect?  What data would make your job easier?  What data would put your business on track to be more profitable?


At Dogfish Enterprises, we will take the time to walk through this with you.  Having a plan on how best to collect data is your first step!

- Organize your DATA -

Now that you are collecting some data, let's get it organized in such a way that it is accessible all the time and easy to read.


Can we spend some time with you helping you understand what might be the best way to get all that data organized?

- Analyze then use your DATA -

You've got the data, you can see the data, you can access the data.  Now what?


You need to analyze it!  All the data in the world will mean nothing if you cannot understand it or present it in such a way that others understand it.   We pride ourselves on being able to work with our clients to create good analyzing procedures and reporting systems.